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Euphoria Scans

Euphoria scans
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Doujinshi scanning community :)

Euphoria scans

Hello welcome to Euphoria scans! basically this is just a place for the admin to dump all her Doujinshi scans :D My scans are primarily Fullmetal Alchemist yaoi Doujinshi so join if your interested :) also dont expect the scans to be perfect, I dont take to much time in editing :x

NOTE: I dont buy to many fluff doujinshi all my doujinshi scans are porn so view responcably.


Ok the rules are pretty simple, try to stick to them plz

1. You must be 18 to join this community, the scans contain sexualy explicit boy/boy (yaoi) content that must not be viewed by minors.

2. You can post the scans anywhere (aarinfantasy, Yaoi_daily, ect.) but you must give credit or link back to this community.

3. Members CAN NOT post, only the admin can post.

4. If a link is dead or expired, please contact the admin.

And thats all. Enjoy the scans! :)